Call us on 01253 855587 now to reserve you car over the telephone for just £200.

Have you ever made a special journey to look at a car only to find out the one you want is sold?

Maybe you’ve purposefully avoided cars that fall outside of your immediate area for just that reason. You might have even called ahead to make sure the car was still available only to discover it’s sold before you arrive. Not much fun.

It’s risky to leave a deposit for a car over the phone. What if the car is not what the seller says (it happens more than you’d think) and he won’t refund your money? Getting your money back from these unscrupulous dealers is difficult or impossible.

There’s a better way…a 1 Hour Car reservation.

We will hold the car for you for 5 days, nobody else can buy it, so that you can make your journey and get to meet the car you fell in love with over the internet. All we ask is that you pay £200 over the telephone by debit card – and we’ll hold your car for five days.

But wait, here’s the best part…

We guarantee you’ll love your chosen car and if not you get all your money back.

Every single penny without a quibble or query.

As long as you come to see it, it doesn’t matter what you don’t like about it. Even if you don’t like the way the colour clashes with your eyes or that the radio is tuned in to the wrong station – no problem.

It’s the no risk way to buy a car with the aid of the internet. All you need to do now, is choose a car.