Part-exchanging, or Trading-In, your old car is an easy way to get it off your hands. We accept most types of cars in part-exchange. Give us a call or complete the form on our car listings pages to see what we can allow for your car.

Won’t I get more money if I sell it myself?

Absolutely. If you have the time and available funds for purchasing your new car, then selling your car privately will almost always get you a few hundred pounds more for it.

Not everyone has the time or money and many people just don’t want the hassle of selling a car privately, so part-exchange is a great option if that’s you.

What if I have outstanding finance on my car?

We can settle any outstanding finance on your car, this then comes of your part-exchange allowance.

For example: you are looking to purchase a car for £4,995. Your part-exchange is valued at £2,000 but you owe £1,500 of finance. This outstanding finance is settled from the value we allow for your car, in this example £2,000 – £1,500, so your part-exchange deposit is £500 which comes off the price you pay.

You can then choose to pay this outright or we can arrange a suitable finance package for you for the remaining £4,495.

What sort of cars will you not accept?

In most cases we do not take insurance write-offs in part-exchange (unless the car is very old and of little value anyway), Japanese imports, left-hand drive cars (with a few exceptions) or anything that is not a car e.g. a motorcycle, scooter or caravan.

If you’re unsure whether we would accept your car then just give us a call on 01253 855587 and ask us.

How much will you give me for my car?

First step is to find which one of our cars you’d like to buy. Once you’ve done that, you can click on the “Value Your Car” button and one of our team will be in touch.