Beware of buying a car with an outstanding logbook loan

Beware of logbook loan scams when buying cars from private sellers. You could find yourself with an outstanding debt to settle for money you didn’t even borrow, for a car you’ve just bought! Since the beginning of 2014 the Citizens Advice Bureau has been campaigning for a change in the law surrounding Logbook Loans. Logbook… Read more »

Free stripes or other decals with ANY MINI!

For a limited time we are offering FREE bonnet stripes or other decal with any MINI. There are a wide range of possible options including: white or black bonnet stripes white, black, silver viper stripes union jack roof chequered flag roof chequered flag bonnet stripes and many more If you’ve seen it or can dream… Read more »

What’s the difference between the Mini One, Cooper and Cooper S?

One of the questions we get asked all the time is “what is the difference between the MINI Cooper and the MINI One?” or between the first generation and second generation MINIs. Here we try and layout the main differences, we’ll get into a little more detail later. First Generation (2001-2006) The first generation BMW… Read more »

The Guide to Minis

We’ve supplied hundreds of used MINIs over the last few years both from Thornton and now from Poulton. We are constantly offered MINIs for sale and are well known as the place to buy your used MINI. So we want to share some of the knowledge we’ve accumulated. Buying a MINI isn’t as straight forward as some… Read more »

The 5 Best Options for A Used MINI

When buying a used MINI it will really help if you’ve got an idea of the kind of specification you would like, before you go looking for cars. Unlike other manufacturers that offer different specification levels like LX, SE or GLX – with MINI every car is an individual. The One, Cooper and Cooper S… Read more »

Brimelows Car Sales

Brimelows Car Sales are located at the same site as us on Hardhorn Road in Poulton. We are not connected to Brimelows Car Sales, but sometimes people get us mixed up because we’re so close. Our cars are located at the front of the site, nearest to the road. All of Brimelows Car Sales are… Read more »