The 5 Best Options for A Used MINI

MF55DWC-012When buying a used MINI it will really help if you’ve got an idea of the kind of specification you would like, before you go looking for cars. Unlike other manufacturers that offer different specification levels like LX, SE or GLX – with MINI every car is an individual. The One, Cooper and Cooper S models do have some standard spec that varies, but mostly the difference is the engine.

Purchasers of new MINIs are encouraged to customise their car with an extensive range of options and extras in the BMW showroom.

Here is a run down of out top five most requested options for BMW Minis and the ones we think you should look after.

1. Panoramic Sunroof

SC03LDA-016The sunroof option in MINIs is a great extra to have and lets a huge amount of light into the cabin. It comes in two parts – the rear is fixed but the front part both tilts and slides, perfect for those summer days (if we get any). You also get blinds on the front and rear parts to keep out glare or insects.

2. Sports Seats

SC03LDA-012The sports seats offer much more support on the legs and side bolsters, ideal for the more enthusiastic driver. The sports seats also add a great look to the interior of the car. These come standard with MINI Cooper S models and are included with the Chili Pack (another great option, see number 5 on our list).

3. 17” Alloy Wheels

RK05VNP-011The 17” S-Spoke alloys look great on any MINI, from One to Cooper S – but don’t come standard with any model. They are a common choice for Cooper S owners (included with the Chili Pack, see number 5) but you can find them on MINI Ones and MINI Coopers too.

4. CD Player

RK05VNP-018Shockingly, a CD Player is an option on all MINIs before 2006. As standard you can have a tape player (you still have tapes?), but there is the option to upgrade to either an in-dash single CD player or boot mounted 6-disc multi changer. Either is a great option, just remember that a boot mounted CD changer is going to use a few inches of that precious boot space – not good if you have a pushchair or something else you need to get in there all the time.

5. Chili Pack

RK05VNP-013This one is only available on MINI Coopers and MINI Cooper S – but you probably shouldn’t buy one without it. Such is the greatness of the Chili Pack, we try and source all of our Coopers and Cooper S with it on. Included you get the Sports Seats and part-leather trim, leather trimmed steering wheel and an alloy wheel upgrade (16” for Cooper, 17” for Cooper S).

Whilst this might not sound like a lot the Chili Pack really captures what a lot of people think of when they imagine a MINI Cooper or Cooper S. The sports seats, leather trim and big wheels really add a sense of occasion that makes owning and driving the MINI so special.

And to clear up the confusion – there is no air conditioning included with the Chili pack. It’s Chili like the pepper, not Chilly like the antarctic. Air Conditioning is an option in all MINIs and may or not be included with a car that has the Chili pack.